Mandarin Restaurant
Mandarin Restaurant

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#EatOutToHelpOut has been great, with so many of you coming to dine in, thank you !


The offer has now finished but the demand is still there with so many people not able to get bookings.


So, we will be running our own offer of 15% discount off your food bill for September 2020.


Hope to see you all soon,


Alan Cheung 


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Opened in 1994, Mandarin soon built up a reputation for fine food and good service, becoming one of the best known Chinese restaurants in Nottingham.


The original restaurant was destroyed by fire in 2009 and was unsaveable. Alan reopened the new Mandarin Restaurant you see today on the corner of Hockley and Belward St. just 50 meters from the original restaurant.


We are known for producing a wide range of authentic Chinese dishes, using the best ingredients. This is what Nottingham diners look for and the reason why we have been able to welcome customers for all these years.


Another Mandarin speciality is the Dim Sum Menu, with around 60 dishes there is something for everyone to enjoy.


We hope to see you soon,


Alan Cheung 

The Mandarin Restaurant  

The Mandarin Restaurant

September Offer

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